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Enjoy Holiday Meals Without Weight Gain or Guilt

The Holiday season for some is a joyful occasion and for others a weight watch war.  It’s almost as if they have to harden the body for fear of tempting Holiday foods known to cause a food binge and gain more weight. All too often the tactic used during the Holidays is to avoid the event. But it doesn’t have to be this way.  I’ll show you how to use an 8-Tip Meal Plan strategy that may help avoid weight gain during the Holidays – while allowing you to eat your favorite foods.
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Popular Sugar Substitute Healthy?

My model has always been, anything natural and changed by man has to be bad for consumers in the long run. The next question that immediately followed… Could man have possibly created an artificial sugar replacement that would be equal to natural table sugar if all sugar now consumed was Splendid? My hunch after just a bit of research was correct.
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10 Step Basic Weight Loss Tips

For me the following tips keep my body weight stable. I could lose more weight through moderate calorie reduction or increased activities. I choose not to. Instead, I’ve set my weight where I’m comfortable and wake up every day energized and excited about my daily activities and never worry about my food choices.

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