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Chronic Disease Caused by Consumer Demand

“Nothing has changed much after years of health risk warnings from consumer safety advocates, epidemiologist and independent lab studies, etc. Chemicals used in consumer products are on the rise and so is disease.” So why after years of warning the public our food, home cleaners and hygiene products have disease causing agents in them… Not been banned or replaced by organic ingredients, or labeled with more consumer warning over time? I was convinced it was all about the money eight years ago. I was partly right. I missed a very important economic ingredient, consumer convenience supply and demand. Now years later I’m positive we have no body to blame for increasing disease and health care costs but ourselves. Continue reading

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Manage Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Those sensitive to IBS may be influenced by weakened immune system, reproductive hormones, diet, environment, mental health conditions and lifestyle choice. IBS “IS NOT” considered a disease. It can be more or less thought of as an aggravated condition triggered by lifestyle, environment or relationship stressors with a likely genetic connection that aggravates the mind-body digestive coordination process. Once you identify and learn how to manage your trigger stimulus, you too can enjoy life to the fullest. Continue reading

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Multiple Sclerosis and Lifestyle Challenges

When a person is diagnosed with MS, the cause of symptoms is due to the myelin insulation of conductive nerves from the brain to the spinal cord and subordinate neuron systems have developed scars (scleroses, plaques or lesions). These scars occur when the body’s immune system attacks and damages the body’s protective myelin sheaths (Hence: Demyelination). However, it appears if you acquire MS the majority will live full productive quality lifestyles with varying disability challenges. Read and learn about MS prognosis and the disability reality. Continue reading

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