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4/21/2019 – Former Tigard councilor pens comprehensive book on health, fitness. I’d personally like to thank Pamplin for sharing Ageless MirrorAthlete book publication and supporting local authors.

4/18/2019 – Ageless MirrorAthlete, appears online: Emerging Voices, “Author Solution Indie Voice Selection, 2nd Quarter Issue of 2019.

4/10/2019Ageless MirrorAthlete included within 2019 Association of College and Research Libraries.Learn More About it.

4/5/2019 – Ageless MirrorAthlete, “Overweight and Unfit No More” Press Release has been distributed over the newswire to over 30,000 opt-in journalists and bloggers.

4/3/2019 – MirrorAthlete Media Blog VideoIntroduction to the new book and site offerings. Click on UTube video link below: