Fit Healthy Lifestyle Consulting and Counseling Services


Fit Healthy Lifestyle Slide Presentations

Marc will custom build a slide presentation and/or present to any group or organization on any topic [i.e., healthy lifestyle, fitness, general health, wellness, fitness programming, health and fitness literacy education, nutrition, well-being, sports psychology, leadership, business related consulting services, city recreation development, create a non-profit recreation organization, City Parks and Recreation Plan, Recreation Center functional Use Facility, Customized fitness programming for individuals, Customized healthy habits and behavior programming for all ages… how to influence city council to prioritize parks and recreation amenities (indoor/outdoor), programs and services etc., ].

All fitness and healthy lifestyle principles to create presentations come form Ageless MirrorAthlete “Overweight and Unfit No More” book by Marc Woodard.

Coordinate and schedule a service you need and want now by contacting us from this site.

We can also customize materials per your organizational fit healthy goals and present it for you.

Estimates to present, custom build product and personalized class fees can be obtained by contacting us.

We do accept donations from non-profits to pay for incidental fees.

There are currently two Slide presentations non-profit and for-profit can schedule for presentation (read below)

Request 1 or 2 slide show presentations prepared by Marc… “Custom Program a Desired Aging in Place Community Through Recreation.” AND the “Making of MirrorAthlete” presentation can be requested by non-profits in Tigard without incurring a fee.

Each presentation runs about 45 min. Contact Marc at if interested in hosting either slide presentation. If outside of Tigard or a for profit organization check into the minimal fee requirement for the presentation service. Both are about 45 min each. [“Custom Program a Desired Aging in Place Community through Recreation,” and the “Making of MirrorAthlete.” Picture taken during Tigard Noon Rotary presentation, Jan 2020.

Schedule a presentation or have one custom built for your organization. Get fee estimates for the service(s) you need contact us.

The Making of MirrorAthlete – 30-60 min, free within the local area for non-profit organizations. We do accept donations from non-profits for incidental expenses.

Speaking on the “Making of MirrorAthlete” Tigard Breakfast Rotary December 2019.

Other Consulting and Counseling Services

Various fit healthy lifestyle 1:1 individual and group counseling and advisement services. Simply contact us and provide the details of counseling service your requesting. You’ll receive a reply back from us regardless of our decision to accept a service request. I Marc accepts the service request he will call you to gather more information. The Initial calls from Marc to gather more information in determination to accept a service will be determined at that time. Thereafter hourly and other incidental charges and coordination will be made. (see payment for services section below).

Personal 1:1 Fitness Consultant – Will meet customer at their gym or home for a 1-2 hour fit/health orientation and recommend a fitness program based on the customers fitness and lifestyle goal(s). Ageless MirrorAthlete book is included within this service. 1:1 personal trainer consulting service has additional costs per hour. The fitness consulting program includes: Lifestyle and medical history and fitness goal orientation assessment. Resulting in habit and behavior change advisement referenced from the book. Cost are based on cost of book and fixed per/hour charge.

Personal 1:1 Fitness Training workout partner for 1-5 day packages. Prices vary depending on package. [Marc is not accepting new clients for this service at this time].

Get’er Done! Picture Taken Dec 2018, Age 59, 218lbs.

Travel beyond 25 miles/and or overnight stays away from Tigard OR incurs additional expenses. I.e., lodging, per Diem, mileage/air and other incidentals will be added to fitness consulting and speaking, etc., fees. Non-Profit fees apply when traveling outside of 25 mile radius [from Tigard, OR]

Fitness Consulting by phone[Marc is not accepting new clients for this service at this time].

Podcast persona for your fitness, health, nutrition, wellness, health literacy current affairs, etc., group/organization – We’re still developing this ideal, and may be interested in a shared opportunity.

Request an Organizational Customized Fitness Consulting and Programming Service. Or fitness center plan advisement, or Improve current fitness business model. [Marc is not accepting new clients for this service at this time].


We require 1/2 Payment in advance prior to providing any service. We’ll hold proceeds on account until services are rendered. We take cash, check, bank wire and ACH. We are not accepting CC for payment at this time.

Exception 1: Regardless of whether a service is available or not at this time, contact us to let us know what you need and/or want. We’ll add you to a list and when services are available we’ll contact you.

Exception 2: Marc Woodard does make exceptions for unique requests – even if it does not appear he’s accepting them at this time. Depending on individual or organizational circumstance and unique nature and challenge of requests – He may choose to make your service request the exception and priority.

Thank you for your support.