Fitness Consulting Services


MirrorAthlete Fitness, Health, Wellness and Nutrition Consulting & Speaking Engagement Services

To get a personal or contract fee estimate for the service you need below contact us.

Personal 1:1 Fitness Trainer – Will meet customer at their gym for a 1-2 hour fit/health orientation and recommend a fitness program based on the customers fitness goal. Ageless MirrorAthlete book is included within this service. 1:1 personal trainer/workout services have additional costs per hour. The program includes: Lifestyle change habits and fitness programs referenced from the book. Cost are based on a fixed per/hour charge. [Marc is not accepting new clients for this service at this time].

Personal 1:1 Fitness Trainer workout partner for 1-5 day packages. Prices vary depending on package. [Marc is not accepting new clients for this service at this time].

Speaking Engagement – On any topic within Ageless MirrorAthlete “Overweight and Unfit No More” book. Coordinate through contacting us to specify your time and fit healthy lifestyle topic and/or talking point requirements for your group/organization. We’ll customize the service for you.

Speaking on The Making of MirrorAthlete – 30-60 min, free within the local area for non-profit organizations.

Travel beyond 25 miles/and or overnight stays away from Tigard OR incurs additional expenses. I.e., lodging, per Diem, mileage/air and other incidentals will be added to fitness consulting and speaking, etc., fees.

Fitness Consulting by phone[Marc is not accepting new clients for this service at this time].

Podcast persona for your fitness, health, nutrition, wellness, health literacy current affairs, etc., group/organization – We’re still developing this ideal, and may be interested in a shared opportunity.

Request a customized fitness consulting and Programming service. [Marc is not accepting new clients for this service at this time].


We require Payment in advance prior to providing any service: We take cash, check, bank wire and ACH. We are not accepting CC for payment at this time.

Exception 1: Regardless of whether a service is available or not at this time, contact us to let us know what you need and/or want. We’ll add you to a list and when services are available we’ll contact you.

Exception 2: Marc Woodard does make exceptions for services we are not accepting at this time. Depending on individual circumstance and unique nature of certain requests – He may choose to make that service request a priority client.

Thank you for your support.