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Camas Day in Dirksen Nature Park

Learn about the NW Camas bulb as a food source and the history of people who lived here long ago living a sustainable subsistence lifestyle. In the months of April and May find the bountiful purplish Camas flower in full bloom within Dirksen Nature Park Tigard, Oregon. Print this article or return to this site and print it in the month of April to see flowers in bloom. Follow the instructions to fully take part in the Camas day adventure with your family. guaranteed to create memories for life and a place they’ll want to share with their children. Put it on your calendar for the following year to watch the flower bloom during the months of April and May. Continue reading

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Recreation Saves Lives and Cities

When cities make recreation a priority everyone wins. City Recreation fit healthy benefits directly correlate with reduced childhood obesity and sedentary habits, behavioral problems, teenage crime, etc. When cities provide recreational amenities people demand, they also compete with other cities by creating a sustainable place people want to live, work, play, age in place and don’t want to leave. Continue reading

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Why Recreation Events are Supported by Community

Why is it important for community leaders to be able to define, relate and apply recreational activities and events valued by the public? Without connecting these dots – community leaders don’t think beyond financial balance sheets and City budgetary cuts … it is wise to recall, recreation events have a way of connecting people who want to help support the next annual event. Which can lead to a list of willing volunteers in support of other City goals, programs and services. Continue reading

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City Recreation Return on Investment

Typically one thinks of City Recreation as offering a recreation center with swimming pool, events hall, fitness equipment, gym, indoor club and meeting rooms and a plethora of services and activities offered under one roof. Many Cities simply don’t have the financial means to offer such amenities. However when community leaders realize the economic return on indoor/outdoor events and activities – they support and strategically plan to grow them like any other core City service people need and want. Continue reading

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Learn How to X-Factor Garden Space

Learn how to X-Factor your garden space with just a few trellis and lattice design concepts. We show you how to build a vegetable tunnel garden on ground, deck or porch with just a few materials and at low cost. Then add in the barbeque, a couple of chairs, table and a bottle of red wine. Dinner is harvested, prepared, cooked and shared with friends within this cool garden environment. Learn how to build an X-Factor garden space and share it with family and friends. Cheers! Continue reading

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Boot Up Properly To Walk Anywhere

Learn how to condition feet and body through walking exercise in your hood. Become conditioned to bug out anytime and walk a 10-20 mile remote wilderness trail system in comfort – Condition Feet first as the priority to ensure weight bearing loads don’t create unbalanced resistant forces at the sole of feet. Learn how proper foot ware and taking care of feet on the go will reduce foot friction discomfort and weight bearing joint pain risk. And about the essential and protective gear necessary to further condition the body to trek comfortably in the great outdoors… No matter the environment you choose to perform walking exercise… the increased muscular endurance, cardio and excess body fat loss benefits are near-equivalent. Continue reading

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Taking Flight In Tigard Dog Park

On more than one occasion my wife and I have taken ‘Molly’ our red setter to Potso Dog Park in Tigard. It is a spacious 1.5 acres and perfect for ‘catch and fetch,’ and dogs that like to sprint and run aimlessly… Additional amenities include: fountains for both people and dogs, baggies to pick up after your pet. Double gated entryway, benches, tables and shelters, outhouse, water bowls, extra balls laying around, etc. The park is open from dusk to dawn. And closed through 12:30pm for maintenance on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And if you have a dog that likes to chase birds I have some additional advise to pass on… Continue reading

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Nature’s Best-In-Class Stair Master on Bull Mountain

The City of Tigard has one of the best hiking trail systems located on the West slope of Bull Mountain Park in Tigard. This wooded trail environment offers natures Best-In-Class stair master for the fitness enthusiast & avid hiker. Strangely, most don’t know it exists as a public use recreation resource. If you want to aerobically exercise or experience a hiking venture with family walking multiple switchback mountainous areas; and have lunch in the park after hiking to the top… learn how to access this awesome park place. Continue reading

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