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Learn How to X-Factor Garden Space

Updated: 7 March 2020, Marc Woodard Although many people begin planting gardens as early as March in the great North West, it is not too late to begin within the month of May. It is well known gardening activity is good for wellbeing, increased fitness levels and overall health, not to mention the nutritional value of consuming farmed fresh foods. There is also an X-factor created when gardening space wraps around outdoor patios and decks. (more…)

The Elusive Northwest Spotted Owl in Tigard

It never seizes to amaze me what thrives within Tigard OR, wooded trail systems. During a rare moment in time my wife Beth and I were walking our dogs on the genesis path that runs parallel to Fonner Street when we heard the distinct hooty-hoot of an owl. At that moment our Irish setter Molly stopped in perfect pointer stance with head drawn upward. We followed in suit and what we saw next was amazing. (more…)

Camas Day in Dirksen Nature Park

Last Updated: 5 May 2020, Marc Woodard Although this years Tigard Camas Festival was cancelled due to Co-vid shelter in place policies… Dirksen Nature Park (11130 SW Tiedeman Avenue) is now open to view the camas bulbs in bloom [mid-Apri to 1st week of June]. 10 May 2020, Viewing Camas Flowers from Fanno Creek Oak Savanna trail system just after playground area. Have fun with family and friends as you “Learn more about the local (more…)