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How to Grow Muscle and Burn More Fat

In order to achieve a particular fitness goal, it benefits one to know what exercise, and effort of intensity will complement and optimize the result. Research shows us, muscle is stimulated to grow when the fast twitch muscle fibers within our chest, back, arms, legs, etc., are contracted at a fast rate during anaerobic exercise activities. To grow muscle optimally also requires there is enough glucose and stored muscle glycogen fuel available to train intensely. In contrast to burning body fat, activation of the slow twitch muscle fibers requires less effort during long duration aerobic exercise activities. To burn fat optimally, slow twitch muscle fiber requires a glucose and mostly fat fuel source to endure long endurance exercise activity. Continue reading

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MirrorAthlete Fit Healthy Lifestyle – Book Release Update

Mirror Athlete’s 10 year book project nears completion. We show you how to develop and plan a fit healthy lifestyle program relative to individual needs. Find out why the marketplace and our government hope you never read this book and information never becomes part of our K-12 school curriculum! Continue reading

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How to Grow Muscle Naturally, Part 1

To grow muscle bigger and without supplemental hormones, you must focus on lifting heavier. The physiology behind this has to do with muscle fiber types. If you want to grow fast twitch muscle fiber size and performance for any muscle group… perform between 6-8 reps/set and as much weight as you can handle. This does not mean you should strive to achieve a “no pain, no gain” mentality. Keep this in mind, if you feel like you’re body is going to break, it will. Continue reading

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GH-Hormone Stimulator the Fountain of Youth Elixir?

Is GH-Growth Hormone supplementation, or Hormone Replacement Therapy the fountain of youth secret both men and women have been looking for? Now find out how important Hormones are to your body and how you can maintain them at youthful levels. Benefits of proper hormone regulation, to list a few: increase your bedroom sessions, increase your muscle mass, remove the excess fat on your body, give you more endurance, etc., while reversing your age in appearance 10-20 years. Continue reading

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Muscle Growth Using Task Specific Training is Powerful Knowledge

Exercise performed repeatedly without the right workout modulation, “work and recovery time” does not allow the muscle to “self correct” its muscle memory course to greater gains when work effort to body is not commanded correctly by the brain. Simply stated, if you continue to apply the 4-15 repetition rule using essentially the same poundage, per repetitive set each day, your muscle can not be stimulated in a way to further activate muscle growth, strength and/or make significant endurance gains for lack of memory to do so. The physical and mental body must be connected to stimulate and yield the physical results you seek. Continue reading

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