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Boot Up Properly To Walk Anywhere

Learn how to condition feet and body through walking exercise in your hood. Become conditioned to bug out anytime and walk a 10-20 mile remote wilderness trail system in comfort – Condition Feet first as the priority to ensure weight bearing loads don’t create unbalanced resistant forces at the sole of feet. Learn how proper foot ware and taking care of feet on the go will reduce foot friction discomfort and weight bearing joint pain risk. And about the essential and protective gear necessary to further condition the body to trek comfortably in the great outdoors… No matter the environment you choose to perform walking exercise… the increased muscular endurance, cardio and excess body fat loss benefits are near-equivalent. Continue reading

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Nature’s Best-In-Class Stair Master on Bull Mountain

The City of Tigard has one of the best hiking trail systems located on the West slope of Bull Mountain Park in Tigard. This wooded trail environment offers natures Best-In-Class stair master for the fitness enthusiast & avid hiker. Strangely, most don’t know it exists as a public use recreation resource. If you want to aerobically exercise or experience a hiking venture with family walking multiple switchback mountainous areas; and have lunch in the park after hiking to the top… learn how to access this awesome park place. Continue reading

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Control Diabetes & Lose Weight Naturally

Learn how to use the Glycemic Food Index (GI) to control blood sugar levels; satisfy appetite and lose weight naturally. If Type 1 or 2 diabetic… low-sugar carbohydrate food choices listed in the index can alleviate and prevent diabetic symptoms and allow anyone to live life to the fullest. Continue reading

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Walkable Cities Motivates Bodies to Move

Get fit healthy while connecting with nature and shed those extra pounds using public access right of way. Learn how to explore and make use of safe pedestrian friendly walk loops and trail systems from your own back yard. No matter where you live you likely have some safe public walking places, park space, school track or trail system you can use to exercise outdoors. Increase fitness levels and improve health by walking, biking, hiking, jogging or running with no additional out-of-pocket cost other than your personal gear preference.. Continue reading

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Walk Tigard with Marc Woodard

For those that “LIKE” our DareToWalkDaily FB page, we’ll create a walking event calendar and you’ll be invited to walk with us through and around the City of Tigard.  Simply show up with the proper walking attire on posted walk day.  You may walk with the start group, or follow the walk loop map and complete the course on your own.  Then as you get more fit participate fully with the conditioned walk group for more challenging walk loops.. Continue reading

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Back Pain Relief Wisdom

Often the least expected cause of weight bearing joint pain goes unresolved and causes chronic pain and doctor visits that need not be. What most don’t know who suffer with knee, hip and back pain, in many cases acute and chronic joint pain can be corrected, activity levels increased and significant weight loss experienced. Especially if you understand the pain origin, cause and postural mechanic basics. Learn how to alleviate and/or remove mobility pain once and for all. Continue reading

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How to Exercise Safely and Increase Fitness Levels

There are so many exercise programs one could engage in to increase fitness levels. How does one know which is right for them? You must develp a plan that lists your daily fitness objectives to meet your fitness goal. Is your goal to lose weight, build muscle, increase body tone, increase energy levels, increase muscular endurance, achieve higher levels of competitive sport or improve task specific activity (ski, golf, walk, biking, running, etc.)? Now you know before you spend money on an exclusive fitness membership it may well be worth first securing the services of a professional fitness trainer to help develop a customized fitness plan relative to your fitness needs if you hope to sustain a regular exercise program to optimize your results. It may not be necessary, or be a good fit to exercise within a fitness center environment to achieve the desired fitness results. Continue reading

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“Good Posture Alignment was Important, What Happened?”

I remember as a kid during my grade school years being corrected to sit up straight as I was comfortably slumped in my seat asking “What’s the big deal?” The grade school teachers would say something like, “You don’t want to look and walk like the hunchback from Notre Dame do you?” Continue reading

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