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As a fit healthy lifestyle author and consultant, retired corporate employee and retired Army officer, I've spent many years taking care of my career goals and financial security.  It is now my time to give something back to my community. Without a healthy mind, body and spirit it is really difficult to move forward to achieve great things in life. To share information is something everyone of us are capable of doing. And to share fitness and health related information with your children is the best thing you could do for them and your community. Saving the health of our nation one person at a time is our goal. Learn more about Marc Woodard @ LinkedIn Good health to you and your family.

Interactive and Inclusive Playgrounds Benefit Everyone. “Now schools, parks, trails, community organizations, military units, businesses and individuals can benefit from installing an effective and substantial outdoor exercise and fitness area. The Outdoor Fitness concept assures that everyone can make important fitness gains in an enjoyable outdoor exercise environment” Continue reading

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L-Tryptophan the Obesity, Depression & ADD Silver Bullet Solution?

Is it possible the essential amino acid “L-Tryptophan” could replace ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), weight loss, anti-depression, anxiety, and insomnia and obesity prescriptions? The answer will surprise, anger and shock many of you. Learn why the pharmaceutical and diet industries don’t want you to know about this natural cure and how you can achieve the fit healthy and well-being goals you need and want now – without increasing health risk. Continue reading

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Ageless MirrorAthlete Health Literacy Message for Community

When cities partner with K-12 school districts and other non-profits and for-profit organizations using Ageless MirrorAthlete “Overweight and Unfit No More” book guiding principles – it is truly possible to improve the health, lifestyles and productivity of communities by putting children and hard working families first. Read the entire message and how public use recreation amenities are saving a nation in pain. Continue reading

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City Recreation is the Goose Laying those Golden Eggs

Find out how City Recreation benefits aging in place communities and saves lives and so much more. Families and active adults are not the only benefactors of Parks and recreation amenities. All demographics, including business owners are drawn to places that offer ample city recreation amenities. Competitive parks and rec are cited as one of the top three reasons business select to set up shop. Find out how and why City recreation is the goose laying those golden eggs and why communities are investing in them. Continue reading

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How to Grow Muscle and Burn More Fat

In order to achieve a particular fitness goal, it benefits one to know what exercise, and effort of intensity will complement and optimize the result. Research shows us, muscle is stimulated to grow when the fast twitch muscle fibers within our chest, back, arms, legs, etc., are contracted at a fast rate during anaerobic exercise activities. To grow muscle optimally also requires there is enough glucose and stored muscle glycogen fuel available to train intensely. In contrast to burning body fat, activation of the slow twitch muscle fibers requires less effort during long duration aerobic exercise activities. To burn fat optimally, slow twitch muscle fiber requires a glucose and mostly fat fuel source to endure long endurance exercise activity. Continue reading

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Camas Day in Dirksen Nature Park

Learn about the NW Camas bulb as a food source and the history of people who lived here long ago living a sustainable subsistence lifestyle. In the months of April and May find the bountiful purplish Camas flower in full bloom within Dirksen Nature Park Tigard, Oregon. Print this article or return to this site and print it in the month of April to see flowers in bloom. Follow the instructions to fully take part in the Camas day adventure with your family. guaranteed to create memories for life and a place they’ll want to share with their children. Put it on your calendar for the following year to watch the flower bloom during the months of April and May. Continue reading

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Emerging Science Extending Life Past 200 years

Many now believe a 120 year life span average is possible because of scientific advancements in emerging medical, genomic, and micro-nano processing technologies. I know this all sounds Sci-Fi to many of you. However, I assure you this scientific advancement is real and occurring at warp speed. Now imagine a super-tiny micro bio-factory that could be introduced into the blood circulation; target and re-code ailing or diseased chromosome or gene strings! Now it’s possible to see how we could live hundreds of years, cure cancer and where Western medicine becomes obsolete. Transitioning from our computer processor technology… biological genome repair is possible using a bio-medical platform agent to prevent and cure disease within our lifetime. Regardless of how you feel about where science is heading, these are industries I would “literally” take stock in.

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Ageless MirrorAthlete Press Release

Marc Woodard a Fit Healthy Life Consultant reveals industry secrets — showing people how to safely, naturally and permanently lose the weight they want while getting fitter and feeling well without increasing health risk. Continue reading

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