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Bacterial Gut Disease Connected to Engineered Crop Foods

Research shows a complex and complicated connection relative to gut-intestinal health, anti-biotic resistance, medical treatment and engineered food crops causing bacterial illness and disease. Did you know that your digestive system is at health risk if your gut bacterial colonies are out of balance? The good bacteria are necessary in the gut to keep the bad bacteria from making you sick. However we appear to be losing the good bacterial balance battle caused by man’s genetic manipulation of food crops. This is giving rise to anti-biotic resistive super bugs in our bodies as well as putting our health, national food bank and security at risk. Continue reading

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Itchy Oily-Dry Flakey Skin and Scalp

If you suffer from Itchy oily-dry flakey skin and scalp you can do something about it now. Learn how to identify the environmental cause that exasperate inflammatory skin conditions and unhealthy hair and nails. For example, most are surprised to learn seborrhea, eczema and psoriasis share something in common. And once the irritant trigger is removed from lifestyle; it is possible for skin, hair and nails to become vibrant, beautiful and healthy once more. Continue reading

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