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Change Exercise & Nutrient Strategies – Grow More Muscle, Part 2

Muscle growth is dependent upon protein synthesis an adequate supply of amino acids is necessary to grow muscle and keep it in a good state of repair. If you do not eat seafood or animal-based foods, your diet is likely lacking in essential amino acids. Until the weakest muscles are worked for example by varying the angles of the muscle group articulations, it will be harder to optimize symmetrical muscle development and overall strength. Symmetrical muscle and strength is also about how you train and set fitness goals. Also if your intent on using any type of steroid or growth hormone supplement, do yourself a favor, first read the article link… Continue reading

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Viking Carnivores TV Reality Game Show

Viking “Big Meat” Carnivores: Vikings compete amongst the best “big meat” open pit Carnivore Viking tribe. Customs include Viking attire, tools, weapons and culture befitting of a Viking as they travel to each host site to gather more bone coinage. Tribal host games are set up by the visiting tribe for a chance to barter; trading needed Viking skill sets by receiving “game losing tribes Vikings.” Tribes compete to build the best ‘big meat” cooking team to earn bone coinage, eat “big meat” and win end game rewards with coinage cache. To the victors, so go the spoils!

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