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Cell Phone Use and Brain Cancer

There has been growing concerns of whether or not RF (Radio Frequency) generated from cell phones cause brain cancer and tumors. With that being said, there were 7 studies performed and published from a Swedish research center that reports an increased risk of cancer from the side of the head the cell phone is most often used. It is a fact cell phone technology has changed dramatically over the last 20 years and there are far more subscribers than any other time in history. Our children have had longer lifetime exposure to the changing cell phone technologies with varying RF waves from an early age. Current studies thus far have been performed on adults and not on children. This leads to a serious unanswered question with regard to our children’s use of cell phones and ill-health connection. Get the facts.
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Multiple Sclerosis and Lifestyle Challenges

When a person is diagnosed with MS, the cause of symptoms is due to the myelin insulation of conductive nerves from the brain to the spinal cord and subordinate neuron systems have developed scars (scleroses, plaques or lesions). These scars occur when the body’s immune system attacks and damages the body’s protective myelin sheaths (Hence: Demyelination). However, it appears if you acquire MS the majority will live full productive quality lifestyles with varying disability challenges. Read and learn about MS prognosis and the disability reality. Continue reading

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Bilk the Milk

Items with the word “Artificial” never make it into my shopping basket especially foods grown or produced through means of bioengineering. The FDA along with the manufacturers of these hormones such as Monsanto, bilks the American farmers and the American people out of $500 million dollars annually. Apparent greed, and disdain for public safety and awareness, truly sours the milk. Continue reading

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Alleviate Pain Through Nutritional & Herbal Remedies

For those of you seeking to alleviate pain through nutritional and herbal remedies there seem to be a significant benefit for those with pains and aches caused through degenerative and progressive pathogen illness and disease.  Certainly, it is well founded … Continue reading

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