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How to Grow Muscle Naturally, Part 1

To grow muscle bigger and without supplemental hormones, you must focus on lifting heavier. The physiology behind this has to do with muscle fiber types. If you want to grow fast twitch muscle fiber size and performance for any muscle group… perform between 6-8 reps/set and as much weight as you can handle. This does not mean you should strive to achieve a “no pain, no gain” mentality. Keep this in mind, if you feel like you’re body is going to break, it will. Continue reading

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GH-Hormone Stimulator the Fountain of Youth Elixir?

Is GH-Growth Hormone supplementation, or Hormone Replacement Therapy the fountain of youth secret both men and women have been looking for? Now find out how important Hormones are to your body and how you can maintain them at youthful levels. Benefits of proper hormone regulation, to list a few: increase your bedroom sessions, increase your muscle mass, remove the excess fat on your body, give you more endurance, etc., while reversing your age in appearance 10-20 years. Continue reading

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