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Disease Scientifically Linked to Genetic Engineered Food Crops

Should you be concerned about Genetically Engineered crops and artifically sweetened processed foods? Many consumers think so. For example, Pringles potato chips had been recalled in Japan because the potatoes used to make the chips had the “gene-altered NewLeafPlus and NewLeaf Y components developed by Monsanto in the vegetables DNA! Research is also beginning to show links to Morgellon’s Disease correlated with GM recombinant foods. Continue reading

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Aspartame the Silent Killer

“Aspartame a substitute sweetener is alive and well and its addictive qualities are now hidden within approximately another thousand food products then when I first posted this information in 2008. ‘The insanity of it all, aspartame was once undeniably opposed by the FDA for approval to marketplace. And where its chemical composition has not changed since the 80’s and continues to be claimed a safe food additive and recommended by many doctors as a safe sweetener substitute.” Continue reading

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Are Energy Drink Stimulants Cause for Concern?

Energy drink overdoses and side effects are now being tracked nationwide as of Oct-Dec 2010 by the American Association of Poison Control Centers. Out of 300 recent energy drink poisonings a 1/4 of them were younger than the age of 6. The symptoms called into poison control include seizures, rapid heart rate, chest pain, high blood pressure, irritability and hallucinations, but thankfully no deaths during this report time. Think energy drinks are harmless, for your child’s sake get informed. Continue reading

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