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Tigard’s Rail-To-Trail Conversion with COOL Recreation Use Possibilities

Increasing city Recreation activities, services and programs are moving outdoors… See how and why this is becoming a national trend where inactive rail right-of-ways, or “Rails-To-Trails” conversions are targeted by cities; then work in partnership with various agencies, including city recreation professionals to create more walkable connections that may include a whole host of other trail amenities… including outdoor biking obstacle courses and fitness gyms, zones and stations along these converted trail ways. Continue reading

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Transforming Tigard Heritage Trail to Destination Place

See the City of Tigard’s plans to develop a 99 year lease “now pedestrian right-of-way” on an abandoned track that offers a unique alternative mobility experience when entering the Down Town area. Two popular trail themes were chosen for development of the heritage trail system. Through multiple public outreach efforts, this .75 mile rails-to-trail conversion has multiple recreational use potential with trail theme amenity options in play: The two most popular trail theme concepts are “trail as timeless railway and trail as outdoor museum.” Development of the Heritage trail system is to begin in 2018. Continue reading

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Tigard’s Outdoor Fitness Center

Work out in your hood at no cost. Simply find the nearest public use outdoor fitness center. The City of Tigard has one in its back yard. Just located off of Tiedemann Avenue behind Fowler grade school track. Simply walk across the bridge crossing over Fanno Creek from the street and enter Dirksen Nature Park. Then look West bound [or to your left]. Get your aerobics in by walking, jogging or running to this destination place. Then increase strength and flexibility by using your body weight as the resistive force exercising at each piece of stationary equipment. Continue reading

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Farmer Markets “Trifecta-Win” for Communities

When looking at the economic benefit farmers markets bring to communities is best described as a “Trifecta Win.” Meaning the benefactors are farmers, residents and local business. When consumers spend dollars at home they support local farmers, economic development, community building and increase job opportunities. Continue reading

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Get your “Swim-On” at the Tigard Swim Center

The Tigard Tualatin Swim Center like many other similar city recreation facilities offers an impressive array of daily and evening activities for all. For example: lap and easy paced swim, deep water aerobics exercise, senior fitness non-impact aerobic exercise, and they have a general use swim session open to the public. Continue reading

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Paddles Away on the Tualatin River!

Imagine an unspoiled wilderness area in Portland OR, drifting aimlessly and effortlessly on a lazy river. Kayak up and experience the Tualatin River, Tigard OR. Where ever lasting summer memories are made with family and friends. Continue reading

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Walking is a Superior Fat Burning Activity

It’s not well known by those looking to lose weight, high intensity aerobic exercise is not the best way to do it. Instead the metabolism prefers low intensity aerobic exercise like walking, biking or dance to burn more body fat as opposed to stored carbohydrate fuel. If your fitness goal is to lose more weight, feel well, become more mobile and have more energy… give daily walking activity a try and reap the benefits. Continue reading

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City Recreation Reversing Inactivity Pandemic

Now more than ever people are attracted to walkable cities and community recreation facilities to help melt away unforgiving body fat and get fit. Parents also want these fit healthy opportunities and resources for their children as seen in National and city services surveys and studies. Cities understand there is a physical inactivity and obesity pandemic affecting children and must invest more into public use recreation facilities. Otherwise personal health, productivity, livability, economic viability and city services sustainability and affordability is at risk. Continue reading

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