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Acupuncture a PsuedoScience or Not – Baffles Many

Each one of us must weigh the benefit-to-risk scenario of surgery vs. alternative medicine. Many scientists and Western medical practitioners consider acupuncture a pseudoscience. Instead of convincing how acupuncture could work for you… I think it is best to divulge and illustrate how it heals and alleviates pain. Continue reading

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What is Pranic Healing and does it Work?

For thousands of years mankind was blind to electricity, light wave spectrum, etc. Now it is measured, detected all around us and used by consumers to light their home, microwave meals and guide Lazar guided missiles. How long will it take science to unlock the secrets of the universe? No matter – If one understands how to manipulate “Prana – etheric aura,” than one may have the the ability to self-heal and heal others. Continue reading

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Oxygen Uptake Breathing for Ill-Health Prevention

If you understand what shallow breathing is than you can understand that half of your lung capacity is not being exercised, nor is your cardiopulmonary system. What does this mean? It means that that portion of your lung is constantly living in a carbon dioxide environment, partially void of oxygen. And why is this bad for prolonged periods of time? Because your good health is dependent upon it. Continue reading

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