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MirrorAthlete Book Release Update, Principled Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle Philosophy

Mirror Athlete’s 10 year book project and publication nears completion. The principled fitness and healthy lifestyle philosophy and interactive teaching points, lessons learned and stories are unlike any other fitness and healthy lifestyle book ever seen. Not only do we show you how to develop and plan your very own healthy lifestyle program, we show you how to do this relative to your fitness and health goal needs. We also connect many consumer safety and awareness dots to help you decrease health risk. We know the marketplace will not provide many of the consumer fitness truths for good reason and at the expense of your health. Find out why our food, pharmaceutical, health, medical and fitness industries and yes our government don’t want this information shared within our K-12 schools and national platform! By keeping this preventative ill-health wisdom from our children we cripple their long-term productivity potential and health!” Learn how to reverse childhood and adult obesity naturally and so much more. The book is also loaded with many humorous pictorial illustrations you won’t find anywhere else. Including helpful forms and tables which make each chapter extra special. Continue reading

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