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Why Most American’s Have a Drug Addiction Problem

It is important for parents to learn and share how the marketplace supplies hyper-palatable addictive substances in food and drink. Whereas those chemical stimulants have the potential to lead to an illicit gateway drug and cause increased health risk and productivity loss. Continue reading

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3 Connected Diseases – Diabetes, Gout and Kidney Disease

Just because you’re diabetic does not mean you’ll get gout and kidney stones. Instead you should think of it this way, you increase your odds of all 3 diseases presenting themselves at some point in time if diet and activity habits don’t change. Also, acute and chronic gout seem to mostly occur based on a diet that is uric acid rich from consuming too much alcohol and red meats. Regardless of the aforementioned, it is common for those with one of these diseases to experience and be treated for all 3 conditions (diabetes, gout and kidney stones). Continue reading

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How Serious is Acute Pancreatitis?

How does the pancreas become unhealthy and if it does, what does this mean to your overall health and quality of life experiences? How does the pancreas get to a state of cannibalizing and destroying itself? Let’s take a look at the statistics to hone in on the main culprit. Once you have pancreatitis it could become chronic after a period of time. Then you are looking at a permanent treatment program for life and possibly a painful and early death. Can treatment help alleviate and cure the most severe conditions? This really depends on your quality of life and mobility expectations. Read on to get the full story.

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