1st Book Publication Update



MirrorAthlete 1st Book Release:  1st of year 2018.

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I understand many obese and out of shape individuals are looking for weight loss and fitness shortcuts that promise quick results.  But the I want it “now” consumer marketplace is riddled with dangerous fitness and enhancement products and services to achieve those quick results.  And those results are not guaranteed.  The trade off is increased risk to health and disease and spending money that could be put to better use.

If you are tired of paying hundreds of dollars for fitness products and services that don’t work and increase health risk look no further.  With decades of fitness consulting experience MirrorAthlete exposes the hard to find truths about the best kept natural pain management, fitness, exercise, diet and weight loss secrets industries hope you never discover.

Authentic Medieval Swords & Armor

I personally show you how to apply a principled fitness and healthy lifestyle philosophy and put it to practice.   One that is painless and you’ll stick to for life…  no gimmicks.

Through the personal stories, client examples and factual studies backed by hundreds of professional citations the exercise science applied within the context of the book is very unique and will help anyone plan, create and achieve a customized fit healthy living program to achieve any fitness or active lifestyle goal.  Including a safe natural weight loss.  And should adversity strike and cause a limited mobility situation there are solutions to get you back on your feet and so much more…

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MirrorAthlete’s Book   “Saving an Overweight Unfit Nation in Pain”