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As a previous corporate employee and retired Army officer, I've spent many years taking care of my career goals and financial security.  It is now my time to give something back to my community. Without a healthy mind, body and spirit it is really difficult to move forward to achieve great things in life. To share information is something everyone of us are capable of doing. And to share fitness and health related information with your children is the best thing you could do for them and your community. Saving the health of our nation one person at a time is our goal. Learn more about Marc Woodard @ LinkedIn Good health to you and your family.

What is Pranic Healing and does it Work?

For thousands of years mankind was blind to electricity, light wave spectrum, etc. Now it is measured, detected all around us and used by consumers to light their home, microwave meals and guide Lazar guided missiles. How long will it take science to unlock the secrets of the universe? No matter – If one understands how to manipulate “Prana – etheric aura,” than one may have the the ability to self-heal and heal others. Continue reading

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