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 Updated: 22 Jan 2018

The long awaited 10 year book project and publication is now in a second phase editorial-polish review with planned release date scheduled in 2018.

Insight into the books content,

Our book reads like no other fitness and healthy lifestyle book in the marketplace.

It is loaded with unique personal, fitness consultant and client perspective, relative people stories, etc., self-help tools, forms, tables – Including cartoon depictions – with humor… that support each chapter’s unique content and so much more.

These illustrations, stories, lessons learned and teaching points provides the reader with an enjoyable, entertaining and interactive experience while learning consumer and fitness and health consulting wisdom.

In many ways the content was developed and designed to be a timeless fitness and healthy lifestyle book of how to live life to the fullest while aging gracefully; and applicable to all demographics within any environment or culture.

MirrorAthlete has evolved through an exercise science discipline applied within a fitness consulting practice.

I’ve integrated multiple client healthy habits and fitness programming stories and defined, related and applied these things with a very unique cultural perspective.  Our principled fitness and healthy lifestyle doctrine is based on MirrorAthlete® Principled Fitness and healthy lifestyle Philosophy .

The knowledge within this book allows anyone to succeed in creating a customized fitness and healthy habits lifestyle program without the cost of a professional trainer or specialized fitness and health consultant service or products.

The information you need to know NOW is broken down by an easy to understand format that includes: Best-In-Class fitness and health principles, multiple professional citations, consumer safety awareness, client examples, consumer weight loss; strength, endurance and competitive training knowledge and wisdom.

To include how to identify physical enhancement fad and scam services and products; medical referral insight and so much more.   And most important how to build a customized fitness and healthy habits lifestyle plan and implement it relative to your lifestyle needs.

If you lack motivation to break a bad habit, addiction or get started with a basic healthy habits program, or advance your fitness and healthy lifestyle goals, we shown how to overcome low motivation by increasing will power to stay the course.

As you work towards your fitness goals, you’ll do so without worry of applying a restrictive diet plan, or purchasing expensive services, products or gimmick to reduce body fat, build muscle, etc.  We don’t sell hype, only information on how to achieve natural fitness and healthy longevity goals – backed by hundreds of professional citations and client story examples.

The marketplace is littered with manmade products and services that promise fast results… some appear to work short term, while others don’t work at all and in both cases increase health risk.

In the long run addiction to manmade consumables loaded with unnatural chemicals increase health risk.  Consumers need to know… they don’t have to go the unsafe route to achieve anti-aging goals at the expense of health.

We know the marketplace won’t provide consumers the entire health risk picture regarding unhealthy, addictive and dangerous products for good reason.  There’s no money in it for them.  Half truth testimonials that promise quick fitness and anti-aging results sell.

The other half truth – man manipulates and injects addictive chemical and genetically engineered ingredients into consumer foods and supplemental products known to cause health problems and as previously stated “not popular selling points.”  We expose these consumer and marketplace truths.

If you’re tired of paying hundreds and thousands of dollars for fitness and diet products and services that don’t work long term, or don’t work at all… and tired of being overweight and unfit – look no further.

MirrorAthlete Inc., is uniquely positioned through years of practical and scholastic consulting services knowledge which enables us to easily expose the hard to find industrial and marketplace truths, half-truths and flat out lies.    It is for good reason the consumer industries hope the majority of you never discover what’s revealed in this book.

Our unique principled philosophy as applied to K-12 schools would also fundamentally change the fitness, health and medical marketplace supply and demand model within educational and governmental organizations.  Which is reluctant to change…

I personally show how to apply these healthy lifestyle concepts by detailing 18 Powerful Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle Principles [MirrorAthlete® Principled Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle Philosophy ]These principles provide the building blocks you learn to master in order to customize your own fitness or healthy habits program without breaking the bank or your body.

The book is an interesting, energetic, optimistic and exciting read in itself.  But more so by way of each ending chapter – there’s an ongoing personal fitness challenge and personalized message by ‘yours truly’ relative to each chapters content.

By connecting each chapter principle and content dots this way, I further show how MirrorAthlete principled philosophy can also be applied to improve any physical adversity scenario, i.e., illness, disease, limited mobility.  Those with physical and mental adversity challenges can relate and use the same tool box’s provided within the chapters to help advance any desired fitness or health need improvement.  Thereby allowing one to take control of their health and limited mobility predicament and continue to live life to the fullest in the best way possible.

We ask that you and your friends consider supporting our mission  “Saving a Nation in Pain,” by taking the following actions.   Visit our web site and look for the book publication release date.  Then purchase a book once released. We’d truly appreciate the support to expand our company resources and educational outreach message to put an end to the obesity epidemic plaguing our youth.

We also accept donations at our home site to further promote ill-health prevention and healthy lifestyle education for families and communities.

Another way to support us – If you believe in MirrorAthlete® Principled Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle Philosophy, please click on the BLUE FaceBook “LIKE” button at our home page.  We appreciate your support.

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Good health to you and your family!

Author: Marc T. Woodard, MBA, BS Exercise Science, ARNG, CPT, RET. 2016 Copyright. All rights reserved, Mirror Athlete Inc., www.mirrorathlete.com, Sign up for your Free eNewsletter.



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As a fit healthy lifestyle author and consultant, retired corporate employee and retired Army officer, I’ve spent many years taking care of my career goals and financial security.  It is now my time to give something back to my community.

Without a healthy mind, body and spirit it is really difficult to move forward to achieve great things in life. To share information is something everyone of us are capable of doing. And to share fitness and health related information with your children is the best thing you could do for them and your community.

Saving the health of our nation one person at a time is our goal.

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Good health to you and your family.

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